3 simple yet powerful techniques to generate more leads than ever quickly


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Almost every digital marketer struggles with generating leads at one point or another in one’s career. It is perfectly okay. You should not worry much about. Here are 3 simple but powerful techniques that you can apply to start generating more leads today.

What are the techniques?

The three techniques are:

  • Start focusing more on the SEO. If you can rank yourself higher than you can definitely generate more leads with the more traffic you will get.
  • Create a Facebook fan page to not just promote your business but also to interact with your audience.
  • Increase your reward for the audience. It will definitely work and will attract more people.

How these techniques would work

You can utilize these techniques in a number of ways:

SEO – If you focus more on the SEO, you will start to get more organic traffic. You can also work on SMO and try to optimize your social media handles. You can find your potential customers everywhere so it is better to look everywhere.

Facebook fan page – A Facebook fan page is quite important these days. People do not want to buy from businesses. They want to buy from people like them. They need a face that they can trust.

A Facebook fan page will clear their doubts about you. You can interact with them. You can help them with their issues or problems. If you reply to them promptly and genuinely try to help them, it will create a positive image of yours. People would love to suggest you to others.

Increase the reward – You can also increase the reward you are giving to your leads to increase your CTR (click through ratio). Suppose you are offering a small discount to people if they click here on your link. You can also add a free eBook or something like that related to your business.

If you apply these techniques, you will surely get to see increase in the leads.


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