4 Mistakes to Avoid When Building an SEO Friendly Website


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A web designer is obviously responsible for designing your website. When it comes to SEO, web designing can be tricky to work with as they are not aware of how SEO works and it doesn’t matter to them as well. But, it does to you. So, ensure that the website you design must be SEO friendly for achieving higher ranking. And since, such designers are not aware of how SEO friendly website works like, you need to learn what does such websites entail, and you are bound to confront many errors when working with such designers.

Here are some mistakes you can avoid.


  • Being dependable on Flash


Many designers believe that Flash is the next level thing. Sure, it may help to make your website look attractive, but heavy Flash sites are a disaster to work with when it comes to SEO. Simple HTML sites tend to have higher ranking with search engines. Sometimes, working with Flash can be mandatory, but an HTML version is more than mandatory in nature. If you are looking for web designers who are well versed with marketing seo services as well, it can be a great win win for both the parties!


  • No internal links or very few of them in use


Internal links are referred to as backlinks and they are the most important. Certainly, that doesn’t mean that all text must bear a hyperlink, but if you are working with couple internal links, know that you are missing out on a lot of things. 


  • Images and not text for the anchor


Anchor text is very important for SEO and when your links don’t have an anchor text, it is a huge red flag. This holds true for menu items and other page elements as well, so it is always easy to use an image than text as with latter, you will not be sure that it will be shown correctly on the screen. As this affects your rankings badly, you need to compromise the attractiveness for functionality.


  • Haphazard and messy code


If you don’t know HTML at all, then you may judge coding as messy or you won’t be able to judge at all. You may also not know if the coding is excessive, but its cleanliness is important when it comes to SEO. If the code is messy, it may not be untangled at all, this may remove your site from being ranked higher because it is not indexable at all as well.