5 Characteristics You Need to Become a Hacker


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Hacking is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and complex jobs to do. It requires a whole lot of knowledge of the IT field, networks and technologies. One cannot master the art of hacking in just a day. It requires years of practice, dedication, and patience to become a master of this field.

If you are very serious about hacking, here is a beginner’s guide for you, Hacking 101, which will provide you tips and tricks required to become a hacker. So first, we will discuss briefly the characteristics you need to become a Hacker.

  • First Steps First 

As the saying goes, “to be able to write a word, you first need to learn the alphabets”. The same applies to hack. Basics are very important in hacking. Without the proper knowledge of Hacking basics, one can never reach the top. You first need to be thorough through topics such as Computer networks, firewalls, IP addresses, FTP, SMTP, DNS, HTTPS, etc. 

  • Programming Expert

To be an efficient hacker you must be very well- versed with programming. While learning programs is optional, but the use of these programs will enable you to build up your programs and exploit codes. Programming is a must-learn for the people who are serious in making a career out of hacking.

  • Be the Best of Both Worlds 

While Windows serves as the most popular OS, there are several other OS used by people. To be a master of hacking, you need to be an expert in Windows as well as UNIX and LINUX. The most experienced hackers use UNIX as their main operating system. UNIX systems are much more difficult to hack and therefore more and more companies are switching their operating systems to UNIX.

  • Security Concepts 

To break a system, you need to know tits bits of the system very well. You need to have a proper understanding of things such as PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), SSL (Secure Sockets Layers), IDS (Intrusion Detection System), Firewalls, etc. Without these, it would be very difficult to break into any device.

  • Wireless Technology Idea 

To be able to hack through wireless networks, you must understand its working properly. As many people, connect their phones to public Wi-Fi, wireless technology serves as the best platform for hackers to hack into anyone’s system. Encryption algorithms, the four-way handshake and WPS are some basic things that one needs to learn about wireless technology.

The above-mentioned points were some of the points which you can start as a beginner to become a hacker. With this Chapter 1 of Hacking 101 bookends. Hope this will help all the budding hackers.

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