A guide to the contribution of texas female authors in literary world


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The women writers of Texas who were recognised as rich in literary tradition were compared to the Anglo men writers. Gradually the output of the women writers came into focus and got to be recognised by many other authors. Even though a section of male writers could not accept the popularity of the female authors, the women just ignored them and played a crucial role in the development of the culture of Texas.

How are female authors different?

The Texas female authors proved themselves to be more than just homemakers and guardians. They lived a life that was not as glamorous and romantic like the male counterparts. Instead it so happened that they were succumbed to loneliness and despair.

  • This is the reason that their writing focussed more upon the problems of humanity and the personal relationships. They have struggled a lot through writing to maintain stability during the times of crisis. They gradually began to understand their own universal qualities as a writer even thought they used to be blotted by the men writers.
  • The Texas female authors have never felt that they are obligated to uphold the famous men authors and have never attacked them through their works. Instead they have tried to ignore the mythic image of the people of Texas and the culture. This is how the women authors have grown to be one of the great writers of Texas. Their writing is distinctive and has been successful in contributing hugely to the literary production.

The women authors have written poems, short stories as well as novels and journals. They have also participated in fiction writing of very high quality. The subject matter of the writers is mostly based upon triumph, survival and serenity in an indifferent world. Now the women authors have made their own place in the development and growth of Texas women literature.

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