Avoid making this big mistake if you want to rank your business higher in search engines

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It is an uphill task to rank your website higher in search engine rankings. It was easier in earlier days but now the numbers of websites have ridiculously grown. It is quite hard to rank yourself higher with such competition. Though there are still several methods that can help you rank higher and rank faster.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a method or process by which you rank your website higher in the search results of a search engine. Suppose someone is searching for jeans on Google and your website sells jeans. With SEO you try to make sure that the first result, they will see on Google would be yours. It is hard because there would be thousands of other websites that must be selling jeans as well.

Why old methods do not work anymore

It was easier to rank higher before due to several reasons.

  • There was not much competition. You did not have to take compete against thousands of websites. There were very few websites before.
  • It was easier to rank due to old algorithms. All you needed were lots of backlinks without much good content.

Things have changed

Now everything has been changed. You are in front of billions of people and competing against thousands of competitors. Google algorithm has changed so if you try to make poor quality backlinks; it won’t work much.

What you should do instead

People have grown quite smart. You are required to learn a lot about not just SEO but also about other methods of digital marketing to get yourself on top. You can take lessons from good classes. One such good course is the ExcelR Digital marketing course. They will guide you step by step on how to rank higher and become successful with your online business.

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