Cash register system live at the Volksfestwirt GmbH Hof – in an interview with Mr. Geilenkirchen


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  1. Why were you looking for a till system for your marquee?

First and foremost, of course, because we are legally obliged to implement the principles for the proper
management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well
as data access (GoBD for short) until the end of 2016. However, we also wanted to
gain something positive from this compulsion and were therefore looking for a solution that
would make sales to the operating personnel much more efficient and faster and thereby increase our sales

  1. How did you come across eh2 gmbh and IMPALA netPOS?

A first attempt with a provider of an iPad
cash register system failed because the system was not flexible enough to adapt to our processes in the
marquee. The eh2 underlined this flexibility on its website, which is why I picked up
the phone and just asked.

  1. There was less than ten weeks’ time for the planning and implementation of a festival tent till the festival started in Hof. Was it possible to implement everything as you had imagined?

We were able to implement most of our wishes. This is more astonishing for us, since we assumed a pilot project. We expected to test the new POS system and
were prepared for one or the other problem. But this did not happen. We were able to work productively with the system from day one.

  1. How was the cooperation with eh2 gmbh?

This can only be described as very professional and perfect.

  1. You have opted for technically up to date, but very inexpensive tablets as cash registers. How was the cash performance and did you cope well with the sometimes-rough use in the marquee?

There were no technical problems with the tablets and the cash registers allowed a fast and fluid operating speed. The decisive factor for this is full Wi-Fi coverage.

  1. You have taken care of setting up the cash registers on site. Were there any difficulties?

We took over the entire installation ourselves, from setting up the tablets to integrating them into the local WiFi network. After a brief introduction by eh2, there were just as few problems here as with the subsequent configuration in the central system and the operation of the system.

  1. Was the amount of training required for your staff due to the changeover to IMPALA netPOS?

We only made minimal effort to do this, as the system is practically self-explanatory for the checkout staff. There were employees who reacted rather cautiously to the new POS system, but everything went perfectly after the first day.

  1. Has your goal of making sales processes more efficient to increase sales

The sales process could both be accelerated and the administrative effort in the marquee office reduced. The turnover could be increased because the waitresses no longer had to constantly buy new brands and could therefore be present for the guests for longer. The current sales figures in the Square POS good Review cockpit are also really great.

  1. Are there any features and improvements that you would like for next year?

Yes, of course there are a few things, such as the management of stocks or an integrated workforce planning. With the IMPALA netPOS, we have found our POS system for the future and are looking forward to the continued positive development of the system.