Choosing The best PC Speakers As Per the Requirement


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Listening to music on the beach or organizing a party can become a problem for those who don’t have a speaker. Wetting a device or a low sound can disturb the fun. But, thinking about improving usage, several brands have evolved their products so that it was possible to listen to music in different places, without worrying about rain or sun, water or sand.

Bluetooth speaker for cell phone; see models

Below, check out the list of PC speakers sold and find out which one is best for you. In addition to these, see also portable and practical Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth speaker for mobile phones , cheap speakers and speakers that fit in the bag .

Speaker for listening to music at home and partying

For those who want more advanced audio quality, the Sony Srs-Xb2 has powerful bass. The battery can last up to 12 hours and also allows the user to pair two more equal boxes, if you want extra sound. There is Bluetooth connectivity for Android and iPhone smartphones ( iOS ), 42mm speaker and two audio channels with passive radiator.

In addition, it is water resistant and available in black, blue and red. The box size is 191 x 65 x 62 mm with a weight of 480g. The price ranges from R $ 359 to R $ 459 in online stores.

SP204 Pulse Speaker

With Bluetooth connection for Android and iOS phones, the portable speaker has an adherent base and the sound is emitted in three directions at the same time. The user can also connect an auxiliary audio cable or a USB flash drive.

The battery can last up to five hours of music non-stop and the SP204 has 10W power, ideal for parties with friends. In addition, the box allows you to answer calls from smartphones and is only available in black. The price ranges from R $ 183 to R $ 200.

Sony SRS-X5 speaker

Another Sony model, the SRS-X5 has a rechargeable battery and lasts up to eight hours. With Bluetooth and NFC connection, the speaker can connect with smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. In addition to being used to answer cell phone calls, the box has a built-in microphone and weighs 1.2 kg. It has 20W RMS of power and is available in black, silver and red. The price ranges from R $ 500 to R $ 700.

Sound box for listening to music in the car

Ideal for use in the car, this JBL model has a rechargeable battery and can play up to eight hours of music non-stop. It has a handle that fits on the vehicle visor and weighs only 230g. The speaker has Bluetooth connectivity and allows the user to answer calls from the cell phone and use the voice command from Google Now, on Android and from Siri, on iPhone iOS. The price of this JBL varies from R $ 321 to R $ 471.

Pulse Speaker

With Bluetooth connection, the Speaker box is another option for use in cars, but without attaching it to the display and, yes, supporting it on the panel. This Pulse model has a USB port, auxiliary connector, memory card slot and weighs 400g. The battery can last up to six hours and the sound power is 10W. Available in pink, silver, green and black, whoever wants to buy this speaker will have to pay between R $ 113 to R $ 130.

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