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The name of the IamHere says it all. This app is there for you to cater to all your needs. IamHere app was designed to bring people together and to make them aware of each other’s talents. It is a social initiativewhich has taken the form of an app. It is available right on your finger tips. 

It is very simple to use IamHere app. It is available for both android and iOS devices. All you need to do is download and install this app on your smartphone. IamHere shows you all the talented individuals present in a locality in a map fashion. 

The best thing about IamHere app is that you can go through a lot of people with different talents. Look at all the profiles; you can make a sound decision. You do not need to settle for whatever is served on your plate. You can make a choice with IamHere app. Open the app, search“talent” and choose the one that meets all your needs and connect with them.

IamHere and NGOs

It has been mentioned earlier that IamHere app is the best app to find individuals online. It also helps you learn about them and their interests. It does the same for an organisation or an NGO. It exposes organisations, companies and NGO’s to the huge swarm for talented people. This app has proved to be of great advantage to the NGOs. It is known that one of the main focuses of IamHere app is to encourage individuals to participate in productive activities. This app brings together local NGO’s and volunteers and encourages you to make a difference in the world.

Want to make a difference? But don’t know where to start? Just look it up in theIamHere app. NGOs can find truly dedicated volunteers to spread the word of love. This app holds all the information regarding an NGO, so there is no issue of disperency. NGOs give genuine information on IamHere app. You can explore freely before making a decision. With similar minds working together in an NGO, you can make a big difference.


NGOs are directed towards making a difference in society. IamHere app can help any NGO with a purpose in finding talented and dedicated volunteers. Volunteers with genuine devotion can make a difference. And the support and direction of an NGO can convert a small effort into a huge result. The frequency and intensity of positive results have miraculously improved.

If you want to make a difference all you need to do is download the app. IamHere is available both on Android and iOS. Make a profile and add your details. That is all. IamHere will take care of everything. It will connect you with the best volunteers and NGOs.


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