Crash and burn: How to fix unresponsive apps on Android


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We list a few simple hacks to get unresponsive apps up and running again.

Your excellent Android phone is your go-to instrument for whatever you need, be it information or entertainment. But lately, it has started slowing down and sometimes, the screen just stalls. The problem is not with your phone, but with the apps you’re using.

Some apps can make your phone slower, or stop completely for minutes at a time. Here’s how you fix unresponsive apps that might hamper your phone’s working: 

* Restart. 

This seems like a simplistic move, but do try restarting your phone. Some apps require a phone reboot to get going again. This happens a lot with apps that work with Bluetooth, such as certain music apps that are paired with your Bluetooth headset or speaker. Some apps disallow the phone from pairing with another device. Though it seems ridiculous to do, the problem is often solved by restarting the phone. Press and Hold the power button till the phone restarts (that’s about 10 seconds).

* Force stop and check cache.

Some apps take up memory and also consume a lot of battery. If an app routinely freezes or forces you to restart the phone, you should consider force stopping the app and checking for bugs. You can force stop the app, then check its cache. You must clear the cache so that you can remove temporary files and clear up space. Sometimes, this helps the app perform better. However, you must keep clearing the cache regularly because it keeps rebuilding. Go to your phone’s Apps and Settings/Apps and Notifications, tap the app in the list, go to Storage, and hit ‘Clear cache’ to execute this step.

* Update the app.

Sometimes, a newer version of the app is available, so the older version does not support all functionalities. It might not even work well after a while, and you might receive notifications to update the app, quite often. Take this advice and update the app so that it works properly again.

* Uninstall and install once again.

This is a last resort, but it needs to be done if the app you’re using freezes all the time. Go to your phone’s Settings, and look for the app list. In the list, you will find the particular app. Click on it, and you will find two options: Force Stop and Uninstall. Choose the latter, and the app is removed from the phone entirely. You could go a few days without the app if you don’t use it often, or install it again from Google Play Store. 

If your phone is still not able to handle many apps – which it should, ideally – then you should have it looked over at the service centre for other problems.


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