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Few entrepreneurs have enough time to create their own content for each channel. By commenting on articles related to your industry and being active on other creators’ blogs, you build relationships and build trust not only with those in your industry, but also with potential customers. You do not have to do everything yourself and sometimes it is better to engage in a conversation than to create the same things from scratch. Be active in different social media groups and influence where your audience spends time. For the internet marketing this is the best deal now.

Online marketing may seem tedious, but there are many forms and ways to differentiate. The aforementioned means of influencing are just a scratch of the opportunities, but with these you can do effective marketing with little effort and money. 

Search engine optimization can be done through regular Google search and Google Trends. In addition, Google offers Google Trends, a tool that lets you see which keywords are trending and which aren’t.

Google search

Standard Google search lets you type casino-related keywords into the search box, after which Google suggests the 10 most searched keywords below the search box. Google Search can also be marked with an asterisk (*) to replace missing words in the search.

For example, a Google search for “how * casino” returns “how to win at the casino” and “how * at poker” returns “how to make money at poker”. Once the popular search results are found, you can first search Google for similar articles to find out if there is competition for that keyword.

If the casino-related keywords are competitive, that is, if the search terms you find return Google content that are better than what you could write, you may not want to write about the same subject. Instead, you can search for longer search terms that focus on more specific topics and questions.

  • For example, the search term “netblackjack” returns a lot of paid advertisements and articles, but also funny news like this Iltalehti newsletter! Instead, there is much less competition for the best online casinos to play for free or real money for the search term, because each search term limits the search to an area where competing articles are found on the same scale.

Once you have found a low-competitive keyword, you can investigate what is relevant to the subject and, if the search term is a question, you can write an article that answers the question asked.

Google Trends

Google Trends lets you compare keywords, see which ones have the most search volume, and whether they are in up or down. Google Trends also shows you where to search and what other related queries are on the rise. Google Trends reveals that the search term casino is searched for more than poker, and Ostrobothnia and Kainuu are the areas most searched for.


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