How to Clean WordPress from Having Too Many Plugins?


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Today we are looking at to clean WordPress from having too many Plugins. We can define Plugin piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to any self-hosted Websites. You can find tons of free plugins available for free at the official WordPress plugin directory.

You already know you can install or uninstall plugins as much as you need. Most of the plugins are free to freemium that come with less or no tech support. So you should be careful while installing a plugin on your WordPress site.

The disadvantage of using More plugins

Plugins are most helpful if it is used in limited. If you are using too many Plugins on your website, chances are high your site may get delayed in loading, or sometimes they may get crash. Also, using too many Plugins may make some serious security issues for your site.

Speed Up WordPress by Removing Unwanted/Unused Plugins

The entire purpose behind having a Plugin introduced is to really utilize it. If you not only don’t use most of the Plugins or can’t even remember what they’re supposed to do, it is better to remove all those Plugins Immediately. Running fewer Plugins will help you to load your site fast and that will help you.

Negative Impact on your SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Google had indicated Website speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. A slow page load is penalized by all major search engine including Google and has a negative impact on your ranking.

Some outdated Plugins doesn’t allow you to update your WordPress site. This can make your site easier to hack.

How to clean WordPress from having too many Plugins?

You can uninstall unwanted or unused Plugins manually. Also, Plugins like WP Reset lets you reset your WordPress site in one-click. If you are going to reset your WordPress website, WP Reset offers a post-reset option that lets you delete all Plugins or lets you reactivate all currently plugins after the reset.

Hope this article will teach you to clean unwanted plugins easily. While WordPress itself is free, keep updating your plugins and make your site more secure.



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