How to Improve Web Hosting Environment

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The web hosting services are fast, safe and secured thus attracting lots of clients with their best dedicated and devoted services. Different types of web hosting plans are available with different facilities and features and the most important part of these plans is that there is no risk involved in it as there are 30 days money-back guarantee. There are unmetered dedicated servers like THCServers available with different amazing features which makes them one of the most dedicated and devoted servers. The unique features of THC Servers really make a difference and make them unmetered dedicated servers which are as follows:

Unique Features of Unmetered Dedicated Servers

Full Access:

With the availability of a feature of full access, there is freedom to customize the dedicated servers. 

RAID Storage:

With the help of RAID storage or software/hardware RAID disk configuration, the risk of losing priceless data can be easily eliminated. 

Control Panel:

With the help of the latest versions of the control panel, the dedicated servers can be easily customized and configured. 

Free Dedicated IP:

For any dedicated servers, free IP is provided and there is a possibility of adding more IPs if required or needed.

24/7 Legendary Support:

There is a highly experienced team of experts available to help their clients anytime if any issue or problem arises.

19 Operating System:

Wide ranges of an operating system are available thus allowing their clients to choose freely from these operating systems.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee:

The powerful dedicated servers come up with 99.99% uptime so there is no chance of missing any opportunity. 

Unmetered bandwidth:

With the help of dedicated servers, the clients enjoy the ultra-fast connectivity without any traffic volume limitations. 

Rapid Provisioning:

The services offered are faster, safe and secure as we all know that time is money and thus these highly dedicated and devoted servers provide faster setup and the deployment times. 

There are various means available through which the web hosting environment can be improved. With the help of THC Servers, various parameters of a web hosting environment can be easily and quickly improved such as performance, security, control or availability can be made better.