How To Use Four Methods To Get Traffic For Your Product?


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We are always looking for methods to sell products online. First we will have to rely on a few free traffic sources to bring visitors and/or potential buyers to our websites. When we only limit web traffic to the free category, we will have famoid social media tips

  • SEO
  • Social Media (including Instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc)
  • Video Platforms (e.g. YouTube, etc)
  • Guest Posting

Method 1: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For webmasters, search engine optimization (SEO) has always been a tactic to get free visits from search engines (i.e. sources). You post articles/content that is relevant to your industry on your website. Optimize the pages for specific keywords. Get other blogs to link to your article pages. Now wait for your web pages to get ranking in Google and the other search engines, which will then drive traffic to your website. When you can create the content or article, then it is all free of charge. Of course when you run out of time, you can always outsource to professional copywriters for creating the content. That would incur a cost.

When implementing SEO, make sure you use most of the tools including:

  • Google Search Console: You can view which queries are bringing in SEO traffic for your website.
  • Google Trends: You can find out the most popular searches over time.
  • Google Analytics: You can monitor the web traffic to your website, and compile reports.
  • Google Correlate: You can chart data over time and reveal search patterns.
  • Google Pagespeed Insights: You can get suggestions on how to optimize your website for better loading speed.

These tools that have to do with keywords or search patterns/trends would all also help with paid search, if you next step after SEO is to implement a paid search campaign through one of the pay-per-click search engine programs e.g. Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.

Method 2: Social Media

The tactic is like this: Whatever new article or content you have posted on your blog or website, you should actually post it on your favorite social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. When you have the time and capability, you should expand this list of social media sites further.

Method 3: Video Platforms

You don’t have to be professional in creating videos. You can start with shooting videos with your phones (i.e. Samsung phones, iPhones, etc, would work). Educate your audience through using videos and have your videos published on YouTube. On YouTube, there are hundreds of thousands of people trying to discover new videos every day.

Method 4: Guest Posting

The first requirement for guest posting is that you will have to make some friends within your own industry. You may be selling a smart home electronic product. You will look for bloggers who have blogs or websites where they review products. Reach out to the bloggers and tell them about your product. Ask them if they are willing to try using your product and write a review article about it. For individual bloggers, they may like or dislike certain features of your product. Another slight different version is to write a blog article about your new product and include your company information, and ask your blogger friend to post your article on his blog.

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