How To Use Storytelling In A Presentation


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Lately, you will have heard many marketing and communication professionals talk about storytelling, which is one of the best resources to and connect with the target audience and create engagement, that human beings are conditioned to listen to stories, that through storytelling you can empathize and create a link with your audience, etc. But what is storytelling?

Storytelling is a tool, lately widely used in content marketing strategies, which consists of telling a story where valuable information about a brand is metaphorically transmitted.

This information can be the values of a brand, philosophy, personality, the benefits of products and services. Today it gains strength as a result of information saturation and the need to connect and empathize with the target audience to be relevant.

Can storytelling be used in a presentation?

Yes, storytelling is a resource that you can use whit the help of ppt design [desain pptwhich is the term in Indonesia] to create any contentincluding presentations of products and services, or at any time you need to communicate the content of interest.

How To Structure A Presentation Using Storytelling


The storytelling structure, like any story, is composed of a character, a problem, and a solution.


The character of your story has to represent your target audience; you can be a real or fictional being; in this way, you can meet the main objective of every storytelling: empathizer. You have to have your target very open to finding the ideal character.

The Problem

The problem of history should be a situation that can be resolved through your products or services, so you can make your brand relevant to your target audience.

The Solution

The outcome of your story has to leave a closed solution to the conflict, avoid leaving loose ends. Many communication agencies create intrigue campaigns using story sequences where only the outcome is known in the end. But in the case of a presentation, you better make everything very clear.

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