Keyword Research: How Important is It?


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Alongside content marketing and link building, keywords are an essential factor in SEO. They are critical to a website that is looking to get organic traffic.  They are the phrases that users use in search engines to find a product or a business.   Knowing the importance of keywords is one thing while using the right keywords is another.  The difference between a site that gets organic traffic and ranks for keywords and another that does not is research. To get the right set of phrases to use in your content, you need to put in some work.

If you have never considered doing keyword research, here are the reasons why you need to start thinking about it.

  1. It will help you understand your audience

Most bloggers and webmasters make the mistake of diving right into content marketing without taking the time to understand their audience. Through keyword research, you will be able to understand the industry jargon that is used by your audience. The research will bring to light the different ways that your customers find your products and services.

  1. Keep up with your competition

The only way to gain a competitive edge is by doing better than your competitors. The advantage of doing keyword research is that you will always be up to date to what your competitor is doing. Which useful information about your competitors are you likely to come across? One, the keywords they are ranking for will unveil. Knowing the keywords that are being used most by the competitors will also tell you the kind of keywords that you need to avoid. Competitor information on keywords will help you create your keyword strategy.

  1. Content creation ideas

With the time of creating content, you might run out of ideas. It is very normal. However, through keyword research, you will come across keywords that you never knew existed, which will also guide you in developing topics for your content.

  1. Ranking for keywords

Yes, you heard, right. Websites do rank for keywords. However, that is only possible if one is using the right keywords. Keyword research will help you keep up with the current keywords. It also gives you an insight into the keywords that are relevant to your industry. Using relevant keywords will get your page to where it needs to be on the SERPs.

  1. Lure the crawlers and target audience

Getting the keywords right is the first step to a journey of organic traffic. In-depth research will help you get indexed for a particular keyword, and this is mainly because you will make it easy for the crawlers to find you. Professionals marketing web design Sydney will tell you that providing useful content to your visitors is vital as it is a metric used in ranking. Keywords are an essential part of quality content, hence keyword research.

Luckily for you, keyword research does not have to be hectic. There are plenty of useful keyword research tools that you could use for the process.