MilesWeb Review: 2X Faster Load Time After Migrating to Their DigitalOcean Cloud


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Do you know what is DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean is a unique cloud hosting provider offering cloud computing services to business entities so that they can scale themselves by deploying DigitalOcean applications that run equivalently across multiple cloud servers without affecting the performance.

It achieved the title of being the third largest cloud hosting company in the world in January 2018 for web-facing computers.


Reasons for Why Developers Love DigitalOcean?

You might be thinking there are so many cloud service providers out there then why choose DigitalOcean infrastructure? Why not find for any other cloud hosting provider? Let’s check the reasons.

Aesthetic and No-Fuss User Interface

Things are made overcomplicated by most of the popular cloud service providers by offering enhanced features that make the user interface complicated.

The user interface is appealing, functional as well as simple for any user. Also, the number of buttons, links and one-click features is ideal to make sure that the available functionality can be accessed. With this, don’t misunderstand that DigitalOcean lacks functionality.

Being a perfect cloud provider, it enables to deploy and manage scalable web applications. Individual software developers and small scale organizations greatly consider its one-click apps as they enable automation and integration with 3rd party tools too.

Additionally, you get simple as well as minimalistic APIs to make it convenient for you. Once an API gets generated, developers can use standard HTTP tools that include curl to appeal the API. Additionally, SDKS is also offered for all tools which may be needed by the developers when programming in PHP or another language of choice. These tools comprise of different libraries and plugins.

Remarkable Performance

High-quality performance is always expected by every developer from its cloud hosting providers. This is because they want save their time that is required for server management, and DigitalOcean is the platform that successfully covers this point.

Being the first provider that offers SSD-based virtual machines and utilized IPv6 prior to other services providers even considered it. The droplets offered by DigitalOcean have a faster boot time.

Additionally, their cloud servers are based on a powerful hexa core machines that comprise of ECC RAM and RAID SSD storage. Also, you get private networking among the VMs for running database clusters and distributed systems in few selected regions.

Professional Documentation

You can easily learn about DigitalOcean cloud through the official documentation. DigitalOcean’s documentation offers a comprehensive, concrete and very resourceful platform for learners. You will find everything from tutorials, installation guides, how-to guides, and walkthroughs.

Additionally, the documentation also covers things such as setting up a simple LAMP stack to deploying complex Kubernetes cluster. Every aspect which a software developer might face trouble with and is well-known with the jargons and terminologies of the cloud platform is covered.

Due to this distinctive feature, it is the useful resources for developers that work on any cloud platform.

Active Digital Community

Another best thing about this cloud platform is an active digital community that helps by answering queries and holding feedback discussions. This is beneficial for all.

DigitalOcean always users new enhanced technologies, even though they haven’t matured completely. You will find their community experts available to help you with their pool of knowledge so that you can experience the freedom of mobility with little to no limitations at all.

What if you get a managed DigitalOcean cloud provider that will take the completely responsibility of managing your droplets? Isn’t that good? Of course it is. So, let’s check what MilesWeb offers with their cloud managed DigitalOcean managed hosting services.

MilesWeb Origin

MilesWeb was launched in 2012 and today has a customer base of over 18000 customers. They have always helped businesses to take their business online easily by offering cutting-edge services at affordable prices.

Their customer support team is always available to help them with their hosting related queries. They also have a vast knowledgebase articles which one can refer to find a solution to several technical queries.

MilesWeb offer Linux and Windows shared hosting, cPanel and Plesk reseller hosting, cloud WordPress hosting, Linux and windows VPS hosting, managed AWS hosting and DigitalOcean hosting, dedicated hosting, SSL certificate, G suite, etc

Don’t miss to check their video tutorials that will guide you practically step-by-step to resolve an issue. Check it here:

DigitalOcean Cloud Plans

Key Features

  • Free DigitalOcean Server Migration
  • Complete Management
  • Expert Advice
  • Optimizing
  • System monitoring
  • Server maintenance
  • Data protection
  • Regular updates
  • Security
  • One-click App Installer

Customer Reviews


You have seen the reasons of using DigitalOcean cloud platform for your website. Also, MilesWeb helps you in managing the DigitalOcean cloud, allowing you to focus on your business growth.

So, don’t miss to sign up with them as you will experience 2X faster performance after migrating to them.