Replacing Gaming Keyboards: The Right Options


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Replace your old keyboard with a new one, it is not always essential, but what is nice. So, player, worker or both, what keyboard is right for you? A visit to happens to be essential here.

Computer keyboards fall into two broad categories. First those dedicated to the office, with often flat keys, a soft and silent typing and sometimes some functions (backlight, wireless, solar sensor). Another market, other players: the “big” players prefer mechanical keyboards, with higher and noisier keys, but much more resistant and responsive. The electronics behind the switches are more complex, allowing combinations impossible to achieve with office keyboards. They also come with more advanced configuration software and drivers for, among other things, recording macros (pressing a key to trigger a series of actions), managing profiles according to games, and so on.

Key type

The mechanical keyboards offer many models of switches, operable with more or less force, but also more or less noisy. The champion of the market is the German manufacturer Cherry, with its famous touches very solid, but the other brands are not to neglect so far.


All tastes are in nature, so we do not evaluate the design of keyboards. On the other hand, we pay particular attention to check their robustness. We also test the resistance of the coating to fingerprints and splashes.

Macros and shortcuts

Some players use macros a lot and therefore need dedicated keys. We check the presence, location and number of these keys, then we configure them via the software to evaluate its practicality.

Our Testing Procedures

It is important to note that we are taking our time. Each keyboard test includes a usage phase of several weeks; exceptionally short period to a few days when a keyboard is not really made for fast typing (the keyboard that unfolds, for example). We play on it, we write our articles, we divert the photos, we retouch them, and we surf. In short, we use them intensively, but always in a realistic way, a little as you will probably do at home.

  • The keys are disassembled to examine switches and nomadic keyboards undergo the test of the handbag for several days to test their strength.
  • Mechanical keyboards, for their part, are used in open-space or in the company of grumpy neighbors to evaluate their sound impact.
  • As a beginner gamer, choosing your keyboard should not be a headache as long as you follow the advice you’ll be given here. Follow us.

Which player are you?

Your keyboard depends on the game you play. For a player of FPS, it will require a keyboard with very soft keys, which respond very quickly to the solicitations.

Forget membrane keys or Chiclets

They may be more flexible, quiet and flat but they do not bounce fast. Although they are noisy, the mechanical keys are the most suitable because of their responsiveness.

For RTS, flexibility is secondary. It should rather be more about the features that offer the keyboard. So what are they?

Do you think about good technology?

Dear players, you know that you can have game codes, like GTA 5 for example, without good technology, you cannot use them. How do you intend to make a helicopter appear in the game without anti-ghosting and Key Roll Over?

Indeed, these two technologies allow players to press two or more keys simultaneously to launch codes, even if the KRO is a more powerful version.

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