Set Up Priorities For Sales With Marketing Automation


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Apply and manage lead scoring

Score your leads. Lead scoring is about assigning a score to each one of your contacts in your many mailing lists. Some people in your list aren’t ready to buy, but others are almost ready with a slight push from one of your sales representatives. You can range your contacts from hot lead to average lead, to cold lead, and more. Or you can have the scores represented numerically from 0 to 10. The main objective to score the leads is to allow your sales team (or each salesperson) to understand the priority of each lead. Your top salesperson will get a list of pre-sorted hot leads, and he/she will start engaging with them right away. In theory, this increases the chance for your salespersons to converts leads into purchased customers much quickly.

The scores are assigned to the leads based on a few factors including the frequency of email opens, the number of link clicks in the emails they have received, how many pages they have visited on your website, and more. Or you can integrate some more rules for your lead scoring whenever they can make sense and help you build the priority of your leads.Sendinblue is one of the automation tools that can allow you to achieve your plan.

To go one step further, you would input your lead scores of each of the contacts, and run the data through machine learning algorithms. The odds are that you will get the information when to nurture and when a personal communication can close a specific deal.

Integrate with landing pages

Your business will involve using many different tools including website builders or page builders. With a page builder, you can create a landing page. But a landing page or a few landing pages is not enough. They should be combined with the use of one or more lead magnets. On your landing pages, you can use the capability of the choice of your page builder to create the best web forms that would be great for lead capture. More importantly at the same time, you will need a lead magnet that most people in your niche would believe, to the extent that people will want the gift or information behind that lead magnet by exchanging their email addresses.

Improve the efficiency of your process

Keep all the communication in one place. Traditionally, you may have to toggle between your emails and your CRM (i.e. customer relationship management) system, and this would slow you down during your daily operations. You should try using some Gmail extension that is Chrome web browser based. This way, all your communication will be made in one place.

On your mobile phone, you should use the CRM to manage your entire sales team’s activities, pipelines, lead engagement, sales conversions, and more, while the CRM has been fully integrated with the data in your marketing automation system.

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