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How do you know what to look for when sourcing for temporary Wi-Fi for your business convention? How much should you budget for it? Those are tough questions that event planners face every time they organize an event. Luckily for you, this post shares tips on things to consider when sourcing temporary Wi-Fi.

Why use a temporary Wi-Fi connection?

You will need a Wi-Fi connection when working at a temporary location that may not have an internet connection, or if it has, it is not strong enough. Besides, standard mobile signals may be unreliable and less strong without enough bandwidth to support all of your devices.

A temporary can provide strong and fast performance to finish your tasks. Whether it is a mobile workforce, promotions, temporary work sites or any events, to buy temporary WiFi will be the best option to not let yourexhibition attendees down during demos etc.

Tip 1: Read the contract terms and hidden extras

Explore the contract the vendor has given out to you and read the hidden extras to make sure that you understand every word it says. One of the key things to ask the vendor is if they can rent the Wi-Fi solution on a daily rate.

Tip 2: Survey your event location

Carry out some basic check of the location of the event. First thing you need to ensure its presence is the power. Or if there is no main power, at least should be other alternatives such as a generator. Most Wi-Fi devices can operate for a short period of time without plugin in the power outlet.

Tip 3: How much bandwidth do you need?

Unless you are a networking engineer, knowing how much bandwidth required can only be something the Wi-Fi vendor knows. Therefore, you need to supply them with enough information about your event, including the number of the expected audience.

Tip 4: Site survey

Your Wi-Fi vendor will need to know how they will provide the connection to your event. There are two ways they can do this, first through satellite and second via 4G. For the latter to apply, there should be at least one network with strong 4G connectivity at your location. Luckily, Trade Show Internet solutions provide 4G Wi-Fi with three major networks including Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

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