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But as soon as we notice that others are ‘bothering’ me, things go wrong. It was with mixed feelings that we started the Overwatch beta. We had read into the characters, the gameplay, et cetera. But we also had my previous negative experiences in mind.

In the first matches, something remarkable happened, or actually nothing happened. We hadn’t had a panic attack, not even in pots we had lost. How could that be? After some thought we found out: Overwatch turned out to be a lot more accessible to me thanks to some small things. With the expert boosting service for overwatch you can have the smartest deals now.

“Overwatch turned out to be a lot more accessible to me thanks to some small things.”

Developer Blizzard has quite a few smart choices made when designing the game. we noticed that for the first time when we played with Lucio. This character has an aura around him that slowly heals teammates as soon as they are around.

No stress

Also for his ultimate action (giving players a powerful shield) they must be within that certain range to make use of it. But it turns out: there is a number in the middle of the screen that always indicates how many people are in your aura. In addition, as Lucio (and any other healer) you can always see where your teammates are and how much damage they have suffered. That saves so much stress!

  • Another nice thing about Overwatch is that you don’t have to talk to teammates to communicate effectively. You can press a key to get a menu with a number of statements for your character, such as ‘group up with me’ or ‘I need healing’.
  • This ensures that you are not obliged to turn on voice chat or to start typing extensively during a fight. In addition, Overwatch is accessible to players who are not that good at aiming, a requirement in most other shooting games.

A few weeks ago, Overwatch blew its second candle revealing at the same time figures still monstrous in terms of popularity. With 40 million players, Blizzard’s FPS remains in the lead pack of the most-played games online. A loyal and solid community that needs to be fed with updates, seasonal events and other bonuses to unlock. We had the opportunity a few weeks ago to talk to Blizzard about what players can expect from Overwatch for the coming months and years to come. Here is our interview with the developers of Overwatch.

When Onverwatch was in development, we always hoped that it would be good for esport, even though it was never the major goal of the game. At the end of the game, after finding that the fans wanted to both play Overwatch and follow it as an esport game, we quickly started discussions to set up the best possible esport experience on Overwatch. This eventually led to the creation of the Overwatch League as it exists today.

The Conclusive Options

We really like the Battle Royale genre, and we have a lot of fun playing it and talking to each other. We’ve discussed what a Battle Royale mode might look like in Overwatch, but most of all, the game does not lend itself to it.

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