The importance of the question “What is digital experience?”


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Since the turn of the century, the internet seems to have brought a new trend to go with the era. Communication and business no longer have to be carried out physically, instead the internet provides us with simpler ways to get them done, all from the comfort of your home. Thanks to rising security issues around the world, the digital marketplace seem to be growing faster than ever before. With the usage of every product, comes an experience, and now, we are in the era of digital experience. Products seem to be bought and sold online, thus their experiences cannot be gotten manually, but their experiences can be evaluated online, thanks to the internet.

What is digital experience?

Experience refers to the totality of feelings, towards the different aspects and features of a product. With the digital presence seemingly expanding, digital experience seems to be a major issue. The term digital experience is used to refer to method companies obtain customer experience through digital platforms. Since a lot of people spend time online, products are bought online, and even learning occurs online, it seems there is a diverse selection of product users all gathered in one convenient location, the internet. Thanks to this development, companies make use of the internet to interact with customers and get their opinions on their product, and all its features. The information gathered about customer experience is then analyzed, with suggestions being implemented, with the aim of improving customer satisfaction. To achieve complete customer satisfaction, some tools are employed. Some of the tools employed include, customer journey and website traffic analyzer.

Website traffic analyzer: With website traffic analyzer, a company is able to determine some other ways through which they can help improve customer satisfaction. The web activities of an individual can tell a lot about what they really want and such a tool is invaluable. Website traffic analyzer refers companies, monitoring the opinions of customers on other products, whether they are of competitive value or not, to determine way through which they can improve their product, all in an effort to improve customer satisfaction. The companies also take note of the customer’s experience review on these products, to determine what the users like and dislike about the product, and then implement some of the positive feature, so they can improve customer satisfaction.

What is customer journey?

While it is important to gain new customers and grow a business, it is equally as important to maintain existing customers. One of the way through which companies maintain existing customers is by monitoring customer journey. Customer journey is the process of maintaining a constant communication with the existing clients and getting feedback from the customers. The results obtained are then put into consideration, and new ways to improve the product to better serve the customers are developed. It is important to observe and monitor the customer’s preferences to all changes, to ensure that the best customer friendly version of the product is obtained. With customer journey, the companies maintain and grow their customer base.

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