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If someone tells you it’s too late to start a YouTube channel, ignore them. This platform is “blooming”, and while there is a lot of controversy, still has a chance for content creators to develop and do well from the beginning.

But before creating a YouTube channel, there are some things you need to think about if you want to improve your chances of success.

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1. You Must Know Your Motivation When Creating A Youtube Channel

What is the reason for you to create a YouTube channel? Why do you want that?

Maybe you want to teach others about something like DIY or web programming and mobile applications.

Maybe you want to tell stories through short films. Or maybe you want to play and evaluate video games. It can be anything, but it must have a clear purpose. And you need to follow it for a long time, be patient with this job!

Motivation is the basis for three key elements shared by every successful YouTube channel: topic area, target audience, and reason for existence.

  • The topic area: is the content that the video will talk about.
  • The target audience: is the people that the video targets.
  • The reason exists: is why they should watch your video.

Before creating a channel, you must define these. Otherwise, your YouTube channel may be “deadly”.

2. Have You Noticed The Frequency Of Your Youtube Channel?

Once you know what kind of content will be done and who will see it, you need to think about the production schedule. How long will you release a new video?

It depends mainly on the type of content:

  • For vlogs and Let’s Plays, maybe every day.
  • For research, maybe weekly.
  • For high quality videos, maybe every month.

Be realistic and think long term. You can have enough energy to make a video every day right now, but can your channel exist when you release a new product every 6 months?

Changing the frequency of video releases can make many people unhappy, even missing a day (or week or month), and it can cause subscribers to leave the channel.

Once your channel has become popular, try to create videos that are relevant to the trend. Create a habit to show viewers that whenever there is an interesting phenomenon, your channel will have information about it.

3. What is your style?

The key of a successful YouTube video is “quality and style”. YouTube viewers “eat with their eyes” and if you serve a healthy but simple “dish”, many viewers will leave.

Among the many factors that lead to a successful YouTube channel, there are three style-related factors:

  • Smart title
  • Consistent format
  • Avatar for video

If the channel is related to sound, you need a clear pronunciation, confident voice. If your video has no voice or sound, it makes viewers uncomfortable. Some ways can do this like public speaking practice, watching videos of famous YouTubers.

But you also need to edit your video, ensure high quality and high frame rate, and cut off all unnecessary bits.

4. Have You Prepared The Necessary Equipment For Vlog Shooting?

You can start with simple devices like your smartphone, tablet or webcam. But, the camera you use must be directly related to the type of vlog you want to produce.

 If you want to shoot a simple blog from your desk, you can use the webcam. However, if you need more details, the DSLR camera on the tripod will give the best results. If you are filming a vlog for a trip, use a dedicated camcorder or at least your phone.

With the camera, you can record high definition video, good sound quality. In particular, most cameras now have built-in image stabilization feature so vlog will have higher quality.

 And don’t forget to buy the best youtube microphone to filter the sound for your vlog.

5. You Must Know The Advertising For Your Channel

If you want to succeed, you must advertise yourself. However, you must know that there is a delicate line between spam and self-promotion. Here are a few ideas to use:

  • Social media: You can use different social media to promote your YouTube channel.
  • Forum: This is a great way, especially for large forums. Find a community where your content is relevant, then share the best content (not all content). Do not share too often, otherwise, your account may be banned.
  • Gifts: People like free gifts. By running related events, your channel can reach many people within a few days.
  • Collaboration: Working with other people is not only a good way to link and expand your contacts but also make the audience more aware of you. Try collaborating with people that fit your job.

Remember that channel promotion is a long battle. It may take months or even years for your channel to become popular. Persistence is very important for content creators on YouTube.

6. You Have To Know Other Ways To Make Money In Addition To Advertising

Although making money through YouTube is harder than before, but still possible even if you are a beginner.

While most people think that YouTubers make money with advertising, the truth is that advertising money is not high.

Don’t expect to get rich with advertising even if your channel is famous. So how can the top YouTubers make money? It is a combination of many methods of making money:

  • Affiliate sales and product promotion.
  • Consulting services.
  • Direct advertising.
  • Support from the fans.
  • Attend the event.

7. What Is The Goal Of Your Youtube Channel? What Are Its Important Points?

Before starting the first video, set a few goals. This approach not only helps you focus on the main road, gives you a sense of progress, but also shows you what to do when you get stuck.

An effective goal will consist of three core elements:

  • Measurable: The goal must be clear and you can determine the progress of the desired result.
  • Time: The goal should have a specific deadline, not too short or too long.
  • Controllable: The goal should be an action you can take, not a result you hope to happen. For example, you can set a goal to create 5 videos in a month. The creation is up to you!

Create some goals, then continue to create more when you have done them. You will be surprised at the effectiveness of this work.

To sum up

What kind of YouTube channel do you want to make?

Hope this article helps you get more motivated to create a successful YouTube channel.

Creating and running YouTube channels is easy, but building a successful YouTube channel requires a lot of effort.

There are many things to learn, lots of things to practice, and a lot of things to remember. But if it’s really serious, there’s no reason you didn’t succeed.

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