The main functions of the TTSPY spy app


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Today’s most popular app for parents and companies is mobile spy application made to check the activity and location of another device. What makes this application more attractive for users are its advanced functions, easy operation and cheap price. The spy app can be used in many fields, but the most use of it is for personal purposes such as by parents for monitoring their children.

You can check the functions of spy apps by using their trial version or purchasing one. You can discover how you can spy text messages on your phone by purchasing an application or trying a trial version. After paying the payment, you can download the app and login with your details. You can start the monitoring and tracking activity on the target phone once everything is ok. Some spy apps in the market have certain unique feature. You can check their functions before placing an order. Following are the main features of a spy app.

Follow text messages

Do you want to know whether your child is sending or receiving inappropriate text messages which may cause problems? A main concern of today’s parents is that their child may use a cell phone to send text messages for sexing. Such message contains explicit sexual expression or dating for sexing as children may be interested in new information and might plan to participate in sexual activity. But they do not understand the consequences of their actions due to the fact that lack of experience. That is why such function is important for parents.

Track call history

How much time do children spend calling and who are they calling? When they would like to make a call? These are important information for parents. For solving this problem, you can use the function of tracking call history of a spy app.

Tracking location of child

Most of the spy apps can track phone location of using GPS. You can know where your child were and are. Parents need not worry about the safety of their children with this function when they are not with their children.

There are many other functions of the spy app. If you are a parent and prepare to get a mobile spy app, you can choose TTSPY spy app. It is easy to install and have many unique functions compared with these spy apps in the market.

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