The top-edge user centric approach to securing small and mid-size businesses in 2021


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For the majority of the businesses, corporate boundaries have evolved and expanded over a period of time. The traditional form of office has now transformed into hub-and-spoke model as there are an increasing number of workers and employees that work remotely. The shift to the remote culture is not necessarily new as during 2005-2018 there was 173% rise in the US remote workforce. This trend, however, saw a major spike in 2020 as 88% of the organizations globally encouraged people to work remotely for flattening the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are various benefits, and factors that have rendered a natural transition to the remote work culture and that includes cost savings, convenience and health factors. While there are various advantages of the remote work culture it does come with its own challenges and fallout in the form of exposure to security risks. The RiskBased security reported 27 billion data records that were exposed or compromised in the first quarter of 2020. This number is more than twice of what was reported in 2019. The small and the mid-size businesses need fresh guardrails against the exposure to risks through the changing of work patterns at off-campus for securely thriving in the new norm.

The shrinking footprint of the offices

The economic shock caused by the pandemic impacted a lot of businesses either directly or indirectly. This compelled the companies and corporations to look for different avenues of cost-cutting. The small and medium sized businesses are actively looking to reduce the spaces of their offices as the remote work culture gained in prominence and popularity without causing any significant dent in the levels of productivity. There are some corporations that are considering down-sizing their on-site workforce by almost 30-40%.

There are some specific small sized businesses that are considering replacing the headquarters with shared workspaces, remote hubs, and the incubators for mobile workforce. The economic realities of the pandemic world, flexibility plus the influence of work culture has compelled small and medium sized businesses to do cuts on the on-site real estate and shift their focus on the IT security for a more user-centric solution to provide optimum safety.

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