What Are The Best Gadgets For Keeping Image Files Safe


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Photos and taking them are second nature to the modern world, and many say that the camera is one of the best inventions ever created.

Capturing valuable family moments and memories will forever be priceless, but should some of the photos go missing they will sadly be irreplaceable. This is why it is so important to not ony save your image files, but to back them up to a secondary location too.

If you’re not sure on where to get started, here are a couple of ideas on what kind of gadgets will be the most beneficial on keeping your photo files safe for another day.


Looking pretty much the same as a standard USB stick that you can buy in a wide range of hardware stores, a Photostick is actually so much more than what it first appears.

On seeing the pricetag you will obviously see that these gadgets have a higher value than standard USB devices, and that is because there is a lot more going on inside the coding than just storing the image files.

Photosticks have comprehensive software installed which not only stores your selected images, but it lets you know if there are duplicate files of the same image too. In addition, the device also organises the files so they make a little more sense than the usual jumbled up mess you normally find on a standard USB device. All in all, once you consider what you’re getting for your money, this is a very good investment.

External Hard Drives

A bulky alternative to a Photo stick device, external hard drives can carry a hefty price tag, meaning they’re a much bigger investment. Probably worth the money if you intend on saving large quantities of image and video files, external hard drives can certainly carry their own weight in saved content.

Their memory storage can vary extensively depending on the model you buy, many of which will be over 1TB. The only thing apart from the sheer size of some of them, is that in many cases they do need more gentle handling as they can easily break. This may not be the case for all products, but for some instances the device needs to be kept flat and not knocked, otherwise it may be game over.

Sd Cards

The mini storage solution which is incredibly useful. Probably best known for being the storage used in cameras and mobile phones, SD cards usually carry a limited amount of storage space to hold several hundred photo files.

The limited capacity may not seem like much, but if you use the attached device while on holiday for example, the storage may be just enough to keep your photos safe until you get home to then transfer the image files. There are, again, different sizes of storage capacities to choose from, some of which carry bigger prices due to branding or the size of the storage provided.