What Are Your Options for the Best Keyboard for Fortnight


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Before you even start doing your research, you must first decide whether you want to buy a membrane keyboard or a mechanical keyboard. This will greatly affect your playing style. Most importantly, you need to be comfortable. Just because most professional gamers use mechanical keyboards doesn’t mean you should do the same. As long as you are comfortable, this is the main thing. It is necessary to privilege your comfort above all.

Mechanical Keyboards

These are keyboards for gamers. The feel is totally different from the keyboards we are used to. They are very pleasant, comfortable and responsive, that’s why a lot of professional players use them. The negative point that everyone knows is obviously the noise that the keys make. When you press them, you can hear a click very clearly each time, the sound of which can be higher or lower depending on the switches used.

Membrane Keyboards

These are the keyboards that everyone knows and that everyone has. To avoid going into details, these are pieces of plastic which, when a key is pressed, come into contact with the electronic circuit which will then send the information in order to display the correct character.

RGB lighting

Lighting on a keyboard can be very useful. If you are used to playing in the dark, then all of your keys will light up and you can easily tap them without making a mistake. This also gives you the possibility of configuring certain keys so that they are a different color from the rest of your keyboard: for example for your most important keys, as explained above in this article.

As with all other Logitech products, the keyboard can be controlled and many adjustments can be made from their specially designed software. You can Check Best Keyboard for Fortnite here now.

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB

The mechanical switches used inside it are the Roger-G, whose pressure and latency can be up to 25% faster compared to conventional switches: this gaming keyboard is most certainly one of the best ever.

Multimedia features are also available. Keys placed on the top of the product allow you to control the volume, the mute option, pause, etc. Without having to return to Windows when you are in the middle of a game, you can control these settings.

Our Notes

It is for its simplicity and robustness that we decided to place the G810 model in the second row of this top. It will be perfect for amateur or experienced gamers looking for sobriety.


  • Compact design
  • Multimedia keys

RGB lighting

This is a mechanical keyboard at a very low price. The design is minimalist, just like the Logitech 810. It certainly has lighting, but it is very dim, and you can barely see it, even in the dark. No additional programmable keys or special features. In fact, it could almost be mistaken for an ordinary keyboard found on most desks. But, we must not forget its main strength: it is a mechanical keyboard.

It is the Redragon brand that markets this keyboard. They strive to create simple products, so that they can focus on the most important parts of them.

Indeed, a lot of people only want to have a mechanical keyboard, without having all the “bling bling” side of the lights and the different features. We can therefore say that this is the point that makes the strength of the brand, which is not yet widely known.

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