What Parents Need to Know: Ultimate Guide to Snapchat


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Parents often wonder what makes Snapchat so popular among their children and teens these days. Instead of looking for how to hack a phone of your child, you must first understand how Snapchat really works and how it can be harmful to your children.

With the help of Snapchat, children can capture and send snaps and short videos that automatically get deleted after a certain amount of time. You can capture a quick image or video, put facial or geo-filters on it and share it with your friends.

When children send a message to another person on Snapchat, they get to decide how long it will stay on the receiver’s end. Once the receiver receives the data, it self-destructs after some time and becomes history (this what most senders think.)

Here are three important things that parents need to know about Snapchat and why it is important to monitor their Snapchat account.

Disappearing “Snap” and “Videos”

Some children and teens believe that since their snaps and videos disappear in just a few seconds on Snapchat, the app is completely harmless. However, parents need to make their kids understand that those snaps can easily be saved on someone’s phone as screenshots.

This means the snaps kids share on Snapchat may not really disappear as chances are, they might still be saved on someone’s phone. Any person owning those screenshots can use them against your children and blackmail them at some point. They may even use those snaps and make them viral on the internet.

On the other hand, cyberbullies send mean and inappropriate messages to children using the Snapchat platform. The best way to gain some evidence against bullies is to take screenshots of their messages before they disappear. While Snapchat does notify the person when a screenshot is taken by someone on the platform. Children can find out a way to save a snap without notifying the sender that it has been saved.


Some teens think Snapchat is the best platform for sexting. They can send each other inappropriate texts, photos, and videos, assuming the content will disappear after some time. However, they forget the same chats can be saved on someone’s phone in the form of screenshots.

The screenshots can be shared and passed on to anyone on the internet and become viral in an instant. This can create embarrassing situations for teens as they end up feeling guilty and ashamed.

Parents should take notice of what sort of messages their children are having with others on the app because those messages are not safe and can be shared with anyone on the internet. Parents should also remind their kids that whatever they post online is public, even if a snap or video disappears within seconds. It could come back to them at any time.


People are now using the Snapchat platform to harass and cyberbully children and teens. Children with bad intentions use the app to bully another teen. They send embarrassing photos, videos, memes, and messages containing cruel and harsh language to the other kids. Cyberbullying can have a strong impact on the child who is on the receiving end.

How Can Parents Monitor Snapchat?

We are not saying that Snapchat is the cause of all the online dangers lurking on the internet. It’s just a platform for people to use as a way to spread them. As parents, you can help your children stay away from these online dangers by monitoring their Snapchat account.

Parents can use parental control solutions or cell phone monitoring apps to keep an eye on their kid’s Snapchat activity. If you want to learn how to hack a Snapchat, you can check out several monitoring solutions available in the market. When they see their child getting bullied by someone on the app or engaging with an evil-minded person, parents can immediately intervene and stop their child from using the app.