Why is it Important for you to Tell the Pictures are Virtually Staged?


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If you are a property seller and a big fan of the concept of virtual staging, you might want to know that it is very important for you to tell people that the pictures or videos are virtually staged. Yes – no matter how much you have paid to the virtual staging company to get those pictures virtually staged for your property, mentioning the same is the most important part. Otherwise, you can even be sued for the same. Yes – we are talking about people taking legal actions against the virtually staged pictures that have not mentioned about them being virtually staged!

Want to know why it is important for you to tell the pictures are virtually staged?

Out of the many reasons – the first reason is that the audience looks at the pictures and falls in love with them. This means they fall in love with the property that has all the interior designing done for them and not with the actual property that is currently bland, without actual furniture and home décor items shown in the pictures. Not all the audience is smart enough to know the pictures have been virtually staged. Most of the people are unable to understand whether the pictures are real or simply virtually staged. Since the pictures are so neatly done, it is not possible for the audience to understand about the same.

The second reason is that the audience might think that the price includes the furniture and home décor items that are shown in the pictures. This can be quite a misleading thing for them. If you want them to be happy with the property and know that the price does not include the furniture items that are shown in the pictures, you have got to let them know that everything is virtually staged. This way, you make it easier for them to understand that they are going to pay for the house that’s bland and plain and NOT the furniture or interior items they see in the pictures.

The third reason is that the audience should not be misguided in any way. They should not feel bad when they visit the property and see it vacant. In the end, they have to fall in love with what they see for real – the property that they are expected to buy!

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