Why VoIP technology is important for the SMEs Company nowadays?


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The “small business” concept encompasses a very broad field in terms of size. A small business can be of any kind, from a local bakery with 8 employees to a technology company of 50 workers spread across three different cities. Based on this theory, the use of VoIP technology must be evaluated. Small businesses have different requirements and needs, so it is necessary to choose a VoIP supplier that is specialized in these types of companies or whose clients belong mainly to this segment. What characteristics should you look for?

Business can also make a difference

A professional company that offers accounting, tax or computer services will have different requirements for their telephone system. If you compare it with a store that sells pet products, you will see the difference of requirements. There are certain services that are focused exclusively on very small companies such as freelancers, freelancers working from their homes with two or three employees in their care, etc.The same logic is also applied in the opposite direction, that is, there are quite a few service providers that only serve large organizations. And they reflect it in their subscription plans. They can offer services that for a small business are not relevant in the most basic packages, causing them to end up paying a much higher price for a package that would not use all the available features.

Commercial characteristics

VoIP telephony systems offer a multitude of features that can be roughly classified into commercial and technical functions. Some of the most important commercial features to consider may be non-annual contracts, number portability and the ability to work on mobile devices, through native or third-party clients. Even if a provider offers lower prices for contracts it is more reasonable for the company to try the service for a few months before committing.

Small businesses rely on customer goodwill to a great extent and the ability to carry their phone number with them even if they change service, an option that is much undervalued. VoIP system provides all those features and many more. The saving of a few cents on each call may not be significant in isolation, but it ends up being important at the end of the month. Sellers carry with them a huge list of the technical characteristics of telephone services, so on certain occasions it can be difficult to distinguish which characteristics are absolutely essential for the company. For many small organizations, the features that allow them to project a professional image and compete with other larger companies are essential.

Target the potential consumers

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